Angel cake



Minimum Order : 18 Cake Packs 5 Disposables Each Pack

Angel cake Disposable

Angel Cake Disposable. Crush into both mind and body before you indeed realize what’s passing. You will feel an increase in internal energy at the onset, filling you with creativity and provocation. As your mind flies advanced and advanced, a comforting body high will wash over you, filling you with a deeply comforting sense that snappily turns opiate. With these long- continuing goods and its super high average THC position, Angel cutlet is frequently chosen to treat conditions similar as habitual pain, wakefulness, nausea or appetite loss, habitual stress and cramps or muscle spasms. Buy Angel Cake

Impressive build quality

Rainbow Gushers cake disposable vape is known for its high-grade aluminum build that gives it a sturdy look. This means that it’s impressive to hold and no matter how many times it falls, the rainbow gushers cake disposable vape will definitely withstand this without damage. This premium look will blend well with your personality and that’s one thing to love about this vape.

Rechargeable long-lasting battery

The angel cake disposable vape pen comes with a rechargeable battery that has impressive long-lasting capabilities. The in-built battery doesn’t get exhausted after only a few puffs and it has a reasonable recharge time before usage. A combination of the battery and pre-filled e-liquid tank makes an impressive amount of puffs available with every batch of use, especially if you’re an average user. Use the USB-C port to recharge this disposable vape pen every time the indicator light comes up at the bottom of the device to indicate a drained battery.

Comfortable mouthpiece and design

The overall design of the cake disposable vape pen makes it obvious that this was built for maximum comfortability. Apart from the extra classy design that’s easy to hold, vapers don’t have to feel comfortable slipping this into their pockets or purse while moving around. The pocket-friendly design is sleek while the mouthpiece is not susceptible to leaks due to frequent use. This adds a lot to the durability of the rainbow gushers cake disposable vape pen.


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